What to Expect
  1. Expect a Peaceful God-Centered atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door. Hopefully you feel welcome and loved!
  2. Hopefully you love to worship. We love to worship and we make that time with God very Intimate and personal. This is your time to step into the presence of the Lord. OH. P.S. we have a nursery or children's church so you can send your babies back without being distracted
  3. The Word is a lamp unto our feet right? Here at Crossover Church we believe in preaching the pure, undefiled, and true Word of God, and hopefully to bring revelation and knowledge into your life.
  4. Lastly, You can Expect to feel like family when you visit us. We understand that God has called us to Love People. Hopefully you feel family-type love here.

We hope to see you soon!!!! God Bless you!